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Social Contribution
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The company always gives a hand to the society and its employees in a variety of forms when they meet with sudden disasters and accidents. The next day after the Wenchuan earthquake happened, the chairman of the board——Cheng Lixin took the lead to donate 50,000RMB, meanwhile, he mobilized the staff of the company to donate actively, finally, the donation amount reached to over 800,000RMB. Considering that the hometown of a portion of the staff is near the stricken region, the company expressed the deepest sympathies to them on the one hand, on the other hand prepared vehicles to send these staff in four groups to their stricken hometown for a visit under the premise of safety. According to the willingness of the staff, the company moved a portion of their family members out of the stricken area. After finishing family members placement, the company provided financial aid with 2,000-5,000RMB for severe hit staff, which moved all the staff of the company, and the exemplary deed was reported by the Jiangyin local TV station 

The company takes active in social charity program. In 2008, our company was granted as “The 2007 Loving Care Institution of Spring Bud Plan” by Jiangsu Children & Juveniles Welfare Foundation, and the chairman of the board was conferred on the title of honor as “The Ambassadors of Love of Spring Bud Plan”.